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Automation Solutions

Industrial Controllers and Panel PC's based on Open Source Hardware

20 IOs

Industrial Compact PLC based on Arduino Leonardo Boards.
Analog, Digital and Relay.


Ethernet PLC

Programmable logic controller based on Arduino Mega. Automation Solutions based on Open Source.



More connectivity means more possibilities, solutions and applications.


Panel PC & Raspberry Pi

Industrial Automation with the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+              

Panel PC is based on GNU/Linux with OS installed on an SD card.

It has many interfaces built in: Ethernet, USB, WiFi... Windows 10 IoT is also supported.



 Navigate our blog and you will find, among all our posts, rellevant information about how to program, install and setup our automation solutions.

Applications examples, code excerpts, and much more.


Our products have been working in several projects around the world, and in very different markets and industries, during the past 5 years.

We are collecting information and trying to summarize some of this projects.

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