Use Case: Water treatment!

The requirements in Water Treatment, needs a safety installation to ensure the quality and health for the people.

Using Open Source Hardware ready to be used on industrial environments, you can control your installations through Open Source Platforms, and it is not necessary to pay any licenses. Open Source Hardware can be connected with all sensors to detect all indicators on water treatment installations.

  • There are available different software platforms. Software to program our Industrial devices and Software to monitor all Installations.
  • Using Open Source Hardware based Industrial Devices offers flexibility enough according to water treatment needs.
  • Using Original Arduino boards may be it is not possible to connect all sensor to detect water properties, but with Arduino and Raspberry Pi based controllers and Panel PCs, it is possible to connect those sensors in compliance with Industrial requirements.
  • It is possible to connect analog sensors. To measure pH, chlorin, turbidity and other key factors determining water quality.
  • Usually it is necessary to connect some tank levels sensors, digital or analog just to ensure that there are chemical product enough to control water quality properties.
  • Using Analog outputs you can regulate the speed of dosing pump ensuring the right dose.
  • Sometimes just switching on or switching off pumps, using Relays inside PLCs, you can dose the right quantity of chemical product.
  • It is possible to connect electrovalves to open/close water or chemical product circuit.

Using Arduino based PLCs it is possible to control water installations to ensure the quality and health for people.

Arduino PLC range

Arduino PLC with Ethernet

Panel PC range

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